We are honored in having you as part of our extended family, which is why your safety is our highest priority. As a follow-up to our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to more deeply cover some of the precautions we are taking with our facilities and staff to ensure your visit with us remains a safe one.

Initial arrival: Though our team would typically greet you with a handshake, we have asked our staff to refrain from any physical contact between themselves and our clients as a precautionary measure.

Cleanliness and hygiene: Supplementary personnel have been tasked with routinely disinfecting our common areas throughout the day. We have also implemented a series of disinfectant stations in our stores to maintain the highest level of cleanliness possible. We are also employing an additional deep-cleaning every night after hours.

Staff hygiene: Our team members are prohibited from reporting to work without a doctor's certification if they have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient or been in a locale or situation which has been deemed "high-impact", such as a cruise or certain, recent international travel.

Your vehicle: Our staff will use protective covers throughout your cabin, including covering the seats, flooring and steering wheels. Only when you arrive for pickup will this protection be removed by a gloved team member.

Our loaner fleet: All loaner vehicles are thoroughly sanitized with potent cleaning agents and disinfectants before being allocated to our clients.

Our cafes and food service: Though our cafes maintain a strict level of hygiene already, we have adjusted our menus to provide primarily pre-packaged foods and drinks.

Additionally, we are constantly monitoring the evolution of this virus and will continue to adjust our measures to ensure the safety of everyone. The health of our clients, team members, families and community remains our #1 focus. As always, we will keep you informed about any updates or changes to our circumstances.

We appreciate your trust and confidence in choosing us to service and purchase your vehicle and thank you for your patience, understanding and - most of all - being part of our wonderful community.

Please stay safe, be well and take good care of each other.


Jonathan Chariff
President & CEO
Vista Motors